International Combat Martial Arts Instructors Association

We welcome all sport free, real world defense and combat martial arts instructors to join and link their school or class.

This association is for instructors of civilian combat martial arts systems and concepts. This association and website will act as a friendly and constructive meeting place, portal, information exchange and forum for serious instructors of combat or reality-based, real world self protection and defense, without the distraction of sport, hobby, tradition and fans. We do not, nor never will sell nor give away levels, titles or ranks. This site isn't about nonsensical padding of one's ego or self-aggrandizing. This site's about exchanging information for the improvement and augmentation of combat defense systems and concepts. Upon request, we will issue a certificate of membership and area representative only.

Martial Arts- originally (fighting or war arts), can be generalized into 5 main systems of training.

1. Traditional - Forms or Kata, Sport-like sparring, sometimes weapons, traditional uniform. Example: Local Karate

2. Sport / Spar - Sport can be from basic local children based competitions to extreme MMA type matches. But, the focus is on sport and there are rules and safety systems in place.

3. Health / Longevity - Some styles, originally from an effective martial arts, have evolved into a strictly health and longevity focused system. Some are still from a highly effective system, and sometimes added to the syllabus as complementary training to other functional defense systems. Ex. Some Tai Chi like styles.,

4. Combat Civilian - A martial art style dedicated solely to real world survival and defense skills and tactics. The purpose is to "neutralize" the attacker by escape, intercept, seize and control, arrest, restraint, and if necessary lethal force. Not a sport, nor ancient weapons or extensive forms and not competition based. Ex. Wing Chun, JKD.

5. Combat Military - A severe martial art used by special forces and military. May include the uses of knives and other weaponry. This may seem very cool, and movie-like, but most likely illegal and overkill in civilian life uses. Unless you want jail time - not recommended for civilian use, as the need for it would be very rare. ( A good civilian combative martial art with controls, locks and a lethal option is best for civilians).

Note: Some martial arts have some sort of mixture between the categories. But, more often than not, many people, including students and instructors - confuse the differences, i.e- taking a sport style to the street, taking a combat style to security - law enforcement work, thinking a traditional style is for the real world of adrenal dumps and facing death, etc.
"Sport is sport, Security is security, Combat is combat- they're not the same, know the difference" - Matt Plewes